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Atiq berber rattan pendant light


Moroccan rattan pendant light A trendy and unique handmade pendant light shade from natural rattan, handwoven and of the highest quality.

Enhance and give the ambiance of your home or workplace with a warm and beautiful feeling with this impressive, eye-catching Moroccan rattan pendant light.

This Moroccan lampshade is hand woven and made from Halfa grass, which is unique to the plains of western Morocco. It’s a totally natural material in the spirit of straw, rattan or wicker, which we call halfa or doum (an Arabic word).

Although the Atig shines the best in pairs over a kitchen island or over a dinner table. These trendy rattan pendant light will find and bring its unique atmospheric touch to your place or room of choice and provide a relaxing and pleasant feeling.

Its round, medium size, with a beautiful yellow/brown straw color.

What we love about these beautifully handcrafted Moroccan rattan pendant light is, despite the thickness of the braiding, It diffuses light bride and clear. The glowing light of orange and yellow gives a serene feeling. Enhance the decor of your house, with the different shape and size of this impressive lamp.

In short, these wicker light shade is a suspension in the bohemian trend which gives a lovely and unique look and feel to any interior, whether it’s chic country style, beach, outdoor terrace, and even design to add a natural touch. You can get a feel of how we’ve created our cozy corner with these beautifully handcrafted Moroccan rattan pendant light.

Now is your turn to create your pleasant cozy room or space of choice with this stunning and trendy lampshade.

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NOTE: LightBulb, cable, and socket not included and cable not included.

To assemble the fixture,
One can use a hempy string coming from the ceiling straight to the handle of the lampshade. To install, just pass the electric wire into the opening of the lampshade.

Weight   0,48 kg
Dimensions   W 35 x H 30 cm
Size Large, Medium, Small

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this wonderful product is artisanal handcrafted,
it can contain certain irregularities from one shade to another.


Additional information

Weight0.48 kg
DimensionsL 30 x W 30 x H 35 cm

L, M, S


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