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Handmade treasures

Two years ago, on the road to Ouarzazate and inspired by the colors and beauty of the ancient Kasbah Aït Ben Haddou, Khadija decided to leave her job in the Netherlands and start a new exciting chapter in her homeland Morocco.

While traveling around Morocco that summer, she couldn’t get enough of the beautiful berber jewelry, the turquoise, ochre and coral red colors, the spices, the handmade ceramics, the vintage fabrics and Moroccan traditional crafts. At the end of the trip she felt so inspired with all this beauty and local talent that she send two boxes filled with berber necklaces, Moroccan slippers and wicker bags to her partner’s family in Curaçao. Zaroosta was born!


Zaroosta is so much more than handmade treasures, it’s a celebration of traditional Moroccan craftsmanship


Since that day, Khadija and her partner started traveling back and forth to Morocco to source beautiful handmade products while collaborating with local creatives. Soon enough, Zaroosta became a huge success in Curaçao. What started out as two boxes, ended up creating exciting job opportunities for women that sell their products in local boutiques.

What’s next for Zaroosta?
Zaroosta is so much more than handmade treasures, it’s a celebration of traditional Moroccan craftsmanship and represents a connection between the old and the new. Moreover, it provides new market opportunities for local artisans and their traditional crafts, to support their families and communities.

Through Zaroosta, Khadija is passionate to follow her dream to build a thriving community in Morocco that creates valuable opportunities for local talent and especially women. She strongly believes that empowering women and celebrating their talents are the key to a strong community. In her own words “all I really hope to achieve is helping people to reach their full potential, women in particular.”

Zaroosta products are authentic and inspired by the people and colors Khadija loves most and they’re now available worldwide for retail and wholesalers.

Stay tuned for more stories and Khadija’s exciting plans for Zaroosta… The best is yet to come.

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Handmade treasures

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